Will You Commit, To Lead, By EXAMPLE?

Will You Commit, To Lead, By EXAMPLE?

In my, over, four decades of involvement, in almost all aspects of leadership, and leadership planning, from identifying, qualifying, training, developing, and consulting, to thousands of actual, and / or potential leaders, to personally, serving as a leader, for various, types, and sizes of organizations, and different heritages, histories, missions and visions, I have come to believe, far, too few, truly, lead, by EXAMPLE! Do as I say, not as I Do, appears, to be, far more prominent, than, walking – the – walk, instead of merely, talking – the – talk! With that in mind, this article will attempt, to briefly, consider, review, examine, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and why, it is essential, to leading, in the most effective manner.

1. Empathy; exemplary: It's necessary to listen, far more than you speak! A great leader learns to effectively, listen, and learn, from every conversation, and experience, in order to address, not only, what you believe, is important, but, what stickholders, feel, perceive, and believe, are the top priorities ! How can you lead, in an exemplary manner, without / until, you prioritize this?

2. E x plore, e x traordinary; e x tra; e x isists: It is incumbent upon, a true leader, to explore the possibilities, to realistic, know what exists, including strengths and weaknesses! Rather than accepting, being order, one must make an extraordinary effort, consistently. Are you ready, willing, and able, to go, the extra mile, and lead, by example?

Attitude; aptitude; attention; articulate: Effectively leading, begins with possessing and maintaining, a quality, positive, can – do, attitude! This must be combined, with enhancing his skill – set, and aptitude, so as to be most effective. Will you pay, keen attention, to the needs, and details, and, step forward, and articulate an inspiring, stimulating, message, for the common good?

4. Motivate; mention; make mark: Since one does not lead, in a vacuum, he must motivate others, to get involved, and committed! Even, a minor act, such as mentioning every assistance, and thanking individuals, goes a long way, towards making your mark, for the better.

5. Priorities; planning: When leaders seek to share priorities, with those they serve and represent, after determining, others' goals, rather than their own, and effectively, professionally, planning, for the present, and future, they demonstrate, they deserve to be a leader!

6. Listen; learn; leadership; lessons: Effectively, listening and learning, meaningful, relevant lessons, from every conversation, and experience, are essential to quality leadership!

7. Emphasis; excellence: If you hope to lead, in a meaningful way, you must place your emphasis, on consistently, providing, the utmost degree of genuine excellence!

Will you commit, to leading, by EXAMPLE, or, just, be another, member – of – the – pack? Are you ready, to be a real leader?

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