Tauro abril 2011 Horóscopo Mensual



Your plodding pays off with big dividends this month. The new moon on the third makes this a perfect time for planning. If you have not already set you annual goals, April is the month to do it. You’ll find that everything is easier this month on both income and social fronts. However, do not let that trick you into spending more than you planned to spend; nothing lasts forever.

Instead of a shopping spree or commitment to a new cost project, use this time to plan for future income. If you do not already have a budget, start one. The increased income will leave you feeling flush and like every one born in Taurus, it means buying extra luxury items to you. You’ll get the itch to spend near the end of April. Do not spend it yet, there’s a good investment waiting for you in the coming month. Keep that money for later use when it can increase your net worth even more.

Several sources of income are working for you in April. By the end of the year one of them may dry up, so take full advantage of it now. If you work in a creative job or have new ideas for your present source of income, pitch away in April. The concepts you present this month will pay you huge dividends in the months to come. You’re at your creative peak so take full advantage of it.

Around the 17th, you’ll start to see your social life soar. That’s because of Scorpio in the full moon on that date. This is a great time to build on existing relationships. You’ll find that your love life is never better and those born under the sun sign of Taurus that were committed skittish in the past are now ready to start planning a wedding.

The early part of April finds you with a few minor health problems. You’ll notice that you have to start cutting back on those rich foods you love and start eating smarter. Since you love “the good life”, it’s harder for you to give up some of the buttery, delectable dishes but you’ll find it easier after mid month. You can create your own “healthy gourmet” alternatives this month with fresh fruits and vegetables. Those dishes you create will be a big hit with others at your next party.

Expect an uninvited guest to appear at your home or business toward the end of April. This person could be a family member or in-law if you’re married. They’ll be plenty of loud discussion when they enter your home. Do not panic or shout back. Now is the time to simply listen and absorb what they have to say. While much of it is misinformation, they also have some valid points. Even though you’re stubborn, consider the conversation and make a few changes in your life for a happier future.

Gather all your Taurean confidence and let it shine near the end of April. You normally are not a contender for the spotlight and prefer a more minority position in the background. Do not settle for this position if someone else is taking credit for your hard work. Step up to the plate and let others know what you’ve done or you’ll regret it the rest of the year.

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