Leo Abril 2011 Horóscopos Mensuales



The entrance of Taurus into your tenth house puts you directly where you love, in the center of everything with the limelight shining brightly. If you have had your eye on a promotion at work or even a new job, April of the month to go after it. You’ll find that even though you’ve been tripping over your tongue this month, it can go smoothly with the help of some new found friends.

The second week of April opens you to exploring relationships with some new types of people. These people are not the type you’d normally look when you hunt for friends but by some lucky circumstances, one will be in a great position to help you with your career. Do not discriminate when it comes to making new friends. Be far more flexible than ever before in your life particularly in the first and second week of the month. You’ll find that power comes in all types of packages and be very surprised when you discover just how powerful a new acquaintance is.

The new moon on the third gives you the enthusiasm to start a new exercise program. You’re at your fittest this year and have been eating right and following all the rules but one. You still have the need to burn the candles at both ends. It’s hard for you to avoid the nightlife when you do it so well. However, the lack of sleep can create big problems for you specifically at the end of April. Get plenty of rest so your mind is not cloudy. You’ll maintain that great physic with some additional rest to make the exercise go smoother.

A close family member, spouse or friend will suffer because of your need to be in the spotlight. Listen to those closest to you this month and keep your lip buttoned for a while. That’s tough for you since you thrive on letting others hear the sound of your voice.

Every day in April is important when it comes to relationships. You’ve neglected your loved ones too long and you’ll end the year alone if you do not take heed and put them first for once. You’ll get all the fanfare you need at work, share a little of the limelight. Others know your boorish need to be the center of attention and you will not find them giving you any support if you fail to do what it takes to keep your family together. If you’re married, do not make any dramatic changes and word things carefully. If you’re single, do not make a new commitment during the month of April.

Your finances will still be in a bit of a pinch and you’ll need to take care of old bills before you create new ones. There’s a distinct possibility money you thought would arrive will not be available for a while. It may come from a problem at the source or an error in your anticipated timing. Only count on the money you already have and avoid making purchases on funds not yet received. While their delay can be temporary, it can cause other problems you are not expecting.

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