Cáncer Abril 2011 Horóscopos Mensuales



Buy a lottery ticket, submit the script for your play or ask for a raise during the first two weeks of the month because luck is with you. Everything will be going your way and you’ll wonder how you managed to get so lucky with one small exception, your work environment.

You’ll feel tension at every turn at work. They’ll be bickering about inconsequential items around the water cooler. You’ll never agree with a few of your cohorts so avoid them like the plague and keep your nose to the grindstone. You’re boss will notice and keep your behavior in mind later this year when it comes time to give a promotion. If you’re self-employed, keep your conversations with suppliers and customers friendly but to the point, someone will have hurt feelings if you say too much.

You know that stress is one of your biggest enemies so learn some technique to manage it. You’ll find your mind is most receptive near the end of the month. Stay out of those April showers or you’ll end up in bed unable to admire the May flowers it brings. You’re a fuss budget about your health but often fail to do the most sensible things to keep you well. Get plenty of rest; you’ll need it later.

Your family is a welcome sight this month and provides a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the work world. Spend some quality time visiting museums, art displays or simply going out to dinner. You’ll learn something very interesting about one of your children on the 29th. You’ll be pleased you listened carefully to what they had to say.

Even though you mean well, you can sometimes be a bit of a verbal tyrant at home. You should understand other family member’s sensitivity since you’re very sensitive to criticism yourself. Stop and think before you speak or you could hurt the feelings of someone closest to you. Be aware that your mouth can get away from you and lead your body down the wrong path. You’ll be particularly pleased to this the third week in April.

You’ve already noticed your confidence growing this year and April will help give it an even bigger boost. Do not let anyone tell you any different. The dynamic new you have ideas for saving money or new products for the company and give them a great bottom line. Let your creative juices flow and present those ideas with great confidence.

Even though you find your funds growing and make some excellent investment decisions, remember to keep a tight reign on your purse strings. You’re not Bill Gates or Oprah yet and still do not have the funds to toss away frivolously. If you do, you’ll regret it later. Instead of an extravagant vacation, stick close to home and make sure you include close friends and family in your time away from the job. You do not get the opportunity to play very often, so spend it with those that love you and give you the most pleasure. Use one of the sunny April Sundays for a cookout. The best time is after the full moon nearer the end of the month.

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